We Are Your Sporting Gear Pro

About Us

DinoPro grew out of our family's love of the outdoors and leading an active lifestyle. We are based in the Pacific Northwest Coast which is world renowned for its skiing and fishing. Our free time is often spent biking, snowboarding, and fishing. Our business began when we tried to locate the best quality sporting protecting gears for ourselves and kids and often found they were not available locally.

Our Love of Biking

As every parent can relate to, our car lacked... trunk space! Our trunk was overflowing with clothes, snacks, water bottles, and sporting gear. We certainly did not have space to fit in a couple bikes. That was until we found Brompton foldable bikes. We were able to bring our Brompton bikes everywhere without the hassle of a bike rack. We found we could enhance our Brompton bikes with lighter parts from companies like Aceoffix, Kamoya, NOV, and H&H to name a few. We have a few bikes and have modify one of our bikes down to a feathery light 6.68kg.


Safety & Snowboarding

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Family of Fishermen

Between biking and snowboarding, our Springs and Falls are spent fishing. Being a good fisherman requires dedication and patience; having reliable gear will certainly help as well. We found having quality fishing gear definitely helped us reel in those big catches. There's nothing that's quite like the feeling of holding up that big catch and we wanted others to rejoice in their catch as well. We sourced top quality fishing gear from around the world and now are offering it to our fellow fishermen.


Our Promise To You

At DinoPro, our goal is to provide the highest quality sporting equipment to ensure you have the most fun and are always kept safe. Not only do we have the trendiest sporting protecting gears, but we also guarantee that they are of the finest quality.  We aim to provide our customers with products that help them perform their best and at prices that keep them happy. Our customers are our top priority and through our products, we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.